The blooming Italian tech sector

You perhaps are aware of it for its breathtaking art heritage or delightful food, but presently Italy is rising in its continent as one of the leaders of technical growth.

Looking at the startup scene in Italy, it comes at no surprise that one among the prospering fields is that of design, especially taking into consideration the established reputation of the country in the artistic industry. With a newfound focus on solutions that are eco friendly, creatives like the 24Bottles cofounders have found the support of countless renowned fashion names to join forces with them in the production of reusable steel bottles with reduced carbon emissions. With startups in Italy demonstrating how it might be possible to be successful and sustainable at the same time, it sets an optimistic outlook for the future innovations of our world.

The field in which Italy is persistently driving development is that of manufacturing. With the so called “packaging valley”, where numerous companies that focus on packing are headquartered, brand-new solutions in terms of resources and operations are continuously being developed, creating a proper hub of technology in one among the most significant applications of technology in Italy. Perhaps being situated so close to some of the oldest and most prestigious research institutes in the nation, the industry of manufacturing and packaging can offer a bunch of chances for young specialists and smart minds that are inspired to make their country and their planet be a better place. From using sustainable resources, raw or for energy, to creating manufacturing operations that significantly lower waste, this industry which is often overlooked is no doubt indispensable for our commercial world, and very much thriving with Italian technological advancements.

As we end up being progressively more dependant on instantaneous connection to the web, with essentially everybody having a smartphone in their pocket for any query they may have at any time, it is clear how the sector of network breakthroughs has lots of room to broaden and flourish, as it is not about to be outdated anytime soon. The leaders of well established suppliers who are involved in the technology infrastructure in Italy, for instance the Telecom Italia board, are aiming towards crafting and experimenting with a brand-new 5th phase of connections, which would be delivering even faster and more secure internet, and will possibly be a crucial factor in the growth of the Internet of Things.

Highly known on the global domain, one among the industries where Italian tech companies get noticed is that of automation. With robotics already bringing great transformation to sectors such as manufacturing and transport, figures such as the Comau Chief Executive Officer are optimistic in their future view: by constructing machines that are reputable enough to operate along humans, the more menial and repetitive tasks can be assigned to the robots, and the employees can tend to procedures that require more inventiveness.

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